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Hang Around Hound San Francisco Dog Walker


​YOUR Dedicated Neighborhood Dog Walker in San Francisco  

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Theresa (Owner)

I started on my dog walker path early in life, volunteering at animal shelters across Texas from sixth grade through college. In 2010 I was hired as a professional dog walker in San Francisco. In 2016 I launched Hang Around Hound. Over the years I have developed my own perspectives on the lives and attitudes of our best friends. It is my belief that dogs WANT someone else to be in charge. Who wouldn't if you could count on plenty of food, super fun activities, and someone to make sure you are absolutely with out exception safe both mentally and physically? That is the feeling I like to instill in all the pups I work with. No matter what they can count on me as a pack leader that will keep them happy, healthy, and safe. So far my favorite experience is working with dogs who are extremely shy or fearful for whatever reason and watching them come out of their shell on group with a pack they can trust.

Hang Around Hound San Francisco Dog Boarding
Pet 1st Aid and CPR Certified dog walker in san francisco

With us your dog will ride in a well ventilated vehicle to one of San Francisco's many beautiful, dog friendly parks. For safety and plenty of individual attention our walkers walk no more then eight dogs at a time. We practice a  mix of off leash play and on leash training to give each dog plenty of exercise and structure for the optimal pack experience.

Hang Around Hound walkers are licensed through San Francisco ACC, Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR with Pet Health Academy, and Bonded & Insured with Pet Sitters Associates.  

bonded and insured dog walker in san francisco
Licensed San Francisco dog walker
Hang Around Hound San Francisco Dog Walker