What are your service areas? 

We accept walking clients from Bernal Heights,  Castro,  Park,  Pacific,  Portola Heights,  Mission,  Excelsior,  Glen,  Noe Valley, and Visitacion Valley.  

We accept boarding clients from neighborhoods in San Francisco,     South San Francisco, Daly City and surrounding areas. 

Do you have size or breed restrictions?

We welcome  dogs  of  all  shapes  and sizes.  Space  is  limited  for   dogs   over

80 lbs. 

Can my puppy walk or board with you?

Puppies must receive their last round of shots and be on track for being spay or neutered. We are happy to provide puppy visits until they are fully vaccinated. 

What times are Group Walks? 
Groups are in the park at approximately 11am, and 2pm. Pick up and drop off times may vary.

 What are Group Walks like?

We walk up to 8 dogs per group. We practice a  mix of off leash play and on leash training to give each dog plenty of exercise and structure for the optimal pack experience. Groups walks are one hour in the park. 


Why do I need a professional walker. 

Daily walks have been proven to be a very important for not only the physical health but also the mental well being of your best bud. Group walks improve socialization and give dogs a chance to make friends and operate as a pack. A professional walker can provide consistency to dogs with social challenges such as timidness and also notice behavioral abnormalities such as lethargy which can be indicators of a serious underlying health problem and easily overlooked by one time walkers.  


What should I pack for boarding?
Please pack food, and any necassary vitamins or medications  with  instructions. Please DO NOT  pack beds, toys or any other personal items. It's too much to ask for your dog to share his or her favorite belongings with other dogs. We have plenty of beds and a variety of toys available. 

How will my dogs be picked up or dropped off for boarding? 

Walking clients will be pick up and dropped off at their usual schedualed  time. Non-walking clients will be picked up and dropped off before 9am and after 5pm on the weekdays. Pick-ups and drop offs may be scheduled on the weekends for an additional $15 fee. 

My dog is  people/dog aggressive can s/he walk/board with you?
Dogs that are people friendly but dog aggressive are eligible for private walks. We cannot walk dogs that are aggressive with people. If you are not sure  please call for a free consultation.

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