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Hang Around Hound San Francisco Dog Walker

All dogs must be interviewed before joining our pack. 

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Group Walks

One hour in the park working on socialization and basic training: sit, stay, leash manners, recall. Great for all energy levels. Includes pick up and drop off. 
$25 Per Walk / $425 Monthly (M-F)

                         / $300 Additional Dog 

Day Care

All day care. Dogs are picked up in the morning and dropped off in the evening. They will join group walks at the park and take part in socialization and basic training. Recommended for high breeds both adults and puppies, or dogs with separation anxiety. Includes pick up and drop off. 

$40 Per Day /  $700 Monthly (M-F)

$30                /  $550  Additional Dog

Dog walker in san francisco




​YOUR Dedicated Neighborhood Dog Walker in San Francisco  

​​​​Dog Requirements

​Spayed or Neutered (exception for puppies under 6 months)

Current on all vaccinations. required by San Francisco

SF Dog License and Identification tags.  

On once a month flea/tick medication. 

Must be people friendly and dog friendly.